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Starts and stops and starts again - Exit Light. Enter Night....
January 16th, 2017
10:35 am


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Starts and stops and starts again
Again, with the greatest of intentions, the focus on my physical condition renews. It is easy, when stuck in the moments of worry and doubt, to let the days slip away while you stare something else, trying to escape either the worries from without or the voices within.

Today, sitting here at the machine, doing something completely unnecessary, I looked up and happened to see something that just made me think about how I see myself. I figured that I could, just as easily as I am sitting here, be viewing the same thing with my feet moving on the bike, so I tried it.

Lo. There was success.

Now, my legs are jello and my lungs are complaining about having to clear out the dust and spiderwebs that have accumulated. Later today I have Surf'n shack practice as well. I suspect that tomorrow I may be second-guessing, but that is an issue for tomorrow-me. Today-me did what I set out to do.

I'll take it.

...and will try to remember to send tomorrow-me a note that it's worth the effort and probably wasn't as hard as I will be remembering. : )

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